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In today's society, many people who love beauty are not only required to make up their own face but also nail art. Nail art has become a part of the daily life of contemporary women, and most people now pay great attention to the maintenance of their hands. As the saying goes, hands are the second face of women, and a pair of nice hands is definitely a bonus to yourself as a whole.

Having fashionable and beautiful nails adds to the feminine temperament of a woman. The style of nail art can also reflect the whole temperament of a woman. There are also many types of nail polishes to choose from. So at this time, we need to choose a good-looking and suitable nail polish. The nail market has opened up the market for nail polish. This has led to the emergence of many nail salons, and there are also many types of nail display stands.

The Nail Display Stand

For the nail display stands, we will use the MDF as the main material. For the surface, we will use the coffee color baking paint. On top of the display stand, we will put the logo. The logo will help customers know your brand clearly. Then the middle of the display stand we have four layers to display the nail polish. At the bottom of the display stand, we have 6 drawers to store the nail polish. It can save time for the employees. For the light strip, we will install the light strip on the top. Then will make the whole display stand more bright and attractive.


  • Material: MDF
  • Size: 1200X350X1800MM
  • Surface: surface baking paint
  • Color: coffee color
  • Style: Modern design
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle
  • Others: led strip, stainless steel kick toe.


We have our own factory, and all the display cabinets are handmade. Every size and every material of each showcase is hand-cut out according to the size of the drawing. The production steps of this cabinet are divided into four steps. The first is the wooden cabinet, and then they have to polish, paint, and install the wooden cabinet. We will install all light strips and test the wires before shipment.

After confirmation, we will pack and ship. We provide a complete display stand because we will install all logos, lights, lightboxes, and locks. When you receive the goods, connect directly to the power supply of the mall. Then the whole cabinet will light up.



Our packing box is made of wood with foam inside, which is very safe. This will prevent impact. Our freight depends on the quantity of the goods and the delivery address. We can inquire according to your port or specific address. Different transportation methods have different transportation costs. When the cargo approaches the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the cargo. You need to send the bill of lading and commercial invoice to the shipping company.

Port of Destination

Freight and port of destination are separate. The freight is the cost from our factory to your port. The fee at the port of destination is the fee charged by your local port. When the goods arrive at the port of destination, they will give you a cost schedule. If you want to know the cost in advance, you can call your customs.


If a lot of goods arrive at the port, you can rent a car to ship the goods to your address. If you choose DDU terms, we will clear customs for you. The unloading is not included in our expenses. So when the goods arrive, you can rent a forklift to unload the goods.

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