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Attractive donut kiosk in mall dessert bar counter for bakery kiosk.

donut kiosk

Food Kiosk Donut Kiosk Design in Mall for Sale

Hot Selling Donut Kiosk Snack Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

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Hot Selling Donut Kiosk Snack Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

Donuts have always been a more popular food. Especially for most women, donuts are definitely their first choice for the bakery. Because donuts not only taste delicious, they can also leave a very deep impression on people. Selling donuts is the best opportunity to start your business.

Once you start to do your business, we can rent a space in the mall firstly, and buy a suitable donut kiosk to sell your goods.

Ant Display focuses on customizing the mall kiosks and can customize the kiosk according to your requirements. Next, I will introduce the kiosk to you as a reference.



The kiosk has many stands which can display the goods clearly. Next, I will introduce you one by one.

You can see that there is a floor which can put your display stands on the floor. The Middle of the floor has a big stand with a top. You can see that the stand is a U shape which can make the whole display counter more unique and professional. The front of the counter has a small case to put the products.

One side of the kiosk has a single display stand, the single display stand has a poster to advertise the product. The other side of the kiosk has three layers to display the product. Each layer has a basket which can put your goods.

The back of the kiosk has a wall on which you can put your logo on it. The left side of the wall has shelves which can display your goods.



The main material of the kiosk we use plywood and using the laminate as the surface treating. If you want to get other requirements, we also can assist you to do it.


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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