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Hot Selling Candy Display Shelves Steel Cereal Nuts Display Rack Supermarket Shelf Display Stand For Sale

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Some finely divided products such as candies, grains and nuts need special display racks to display in the store. It can be separated and installed without occupying space, and it is also convenient for customers to choose. So this kind of display shelves will meet your needs.


Main Features Of Display Supermarket Shelf

  1. 5m-2.0m flexible height of the display shelf can be adjusted on different request and group
  2. The fashionable advertisement design and personalized light box to display the culture of the brand
  3. Equipped with the different storage devices, save space and easy to control
  4. Eye-catching led light to beauty the color of good and the most original color perfectly

Material Introduction

Our display stand mainly uses metal iron as the main support, which is durable and corrosion-resistant. The bin on the stand is made of plastic. It allows customers to distinguish the installed products, and is also resistant to dirt and corrosion. The surface of the display rack will be decorated with the poster logo you provided, or sprayed with the color you need.

Various Styles

There are different bulk food display solutions with different gravity dispensers scoop bins.Our Display Supermarket Shelf can be choosed at different combination,like the layer, cabinet,light, and you can choose gravity bins and scoop bins to fix on the shelf.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Iron
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