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Customized Bubble Tea Kiosk with Unique Design & Fruit Juice Bar Counter for Sale

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Amazing new designed bubble tea booth mall smoothie kiosk with factory price share with you

Hot Selling Bubble Tea Kiosk in Retail Store for Beverage Kiosk with Professional Design

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Bubble tea is a very popular drink with a very delicious taste and rich nutritional value. Bubble tea contains a lot of foods such as protein and calcium ions. After ingesting the body, it can effectively promote appetite and accelerate the secretion of digestive juice in the intestine. And there are more calcium ions, which can increase the strength of the bones, and it has a certain improvement effect for patients with osteoporosis. However, it should be noted that the sugar content in bubble tea is very large, and excessive intake may cause obesity, so it is recommended to take an appropriate amount. Bubble teas on the market are also emerging one after another. We can purchase our favorite flavors according to our own preferences.

Customized Retail Bubble Tea Kiosk for Sale

If you prepare to sell the bubble tea, there are two aspects you need to concerns.

Firstly, you need to find a suitable place to sell the bubble tea. The school and the shopping mall is a good choice.

Second, when you get the place from the mall. You can contact us, we can help you design the bubble tea kiosk to help you get the approval from the mall. You can tell us what size of the kiosk do you need? And what style do you want to display? We will show your requirements on the design.

Product Details

Size ,4x4m


Surface, baking paint

Color, wihte and wooden color

Style , Modern design

Glass, 8mm clear tempered glass

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Others, Acrylic logo, light box, lock

How to order it?

Design the bubble tea kiosk based on your size and requirements

When you confirm the design, then we start to produce it

Should pay 50% deposit for production

Start to produce, we will take the factory production photos for you.

Arrange 50% balance ,when the kiosk finished.



Before loaded it, we will install the bubble tea kiosk in our factory. I will take the specific videos and photos to you. Then pack it divided into a few parts for convenient transportation. When you receive the goods, you just connect the wire together. Finally,  connect the mall power, the bubble tea kiosk can work successfully.


The design time will take 3-5working days. The production time will take 22-25 working days. For the shipping time, it depends on the your country and which port is near to you.


Email: sales01@myidea-kiosks.com

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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