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Hello everyone, today I would like to recommend a dessert counter, ice cream kiosk that many customers want to buy. It is the latest design of our factory, the best selling one.This is also the most popular model of 2020 in our factory this year. After we showed our customers the design and structure drawings, many customers were immediately attracted by this dessert counter.
They immediately asked us a lot of information about this product. After we introduced this product to him in detail, the customer immediately provided us with a deposit. In just half an hour, we sold 3 units.This is the powerful attraction and charm of this dessert counter . Now let me introduce the features of this product in detail. Thank you for reading.
Firstly: the Color
Unlike traditional dessert counter which are dark series (such as brown, black, gray), the appearance of this dessert counter  ice cream kiosk adopts emerald green, light blue, and pure white colors. The colors are bright,  attractive and eye-catching. , To allow more potential customers to visit the store. Another reason is that the customers of dessert conuter are mostly students, children, or middle-aged and elderly people with a lively mind. The dark colors are not suitable for consumers' shopping mindset. The color of this dessert cabinet shows vitality, lively feeling, bright color and not dazzling.
Secondly: Decoration skills
We know that desserts have a good effect on improving people's mood. Desserts are not only sweet in taste, but also sweet in the feeling they bring to guests. Therefore, in the design process, such as shape, color, and lighting must give people a novel, refreshing visual effect and inner feeling. This dessert counter uses a cute and artistic logo pattern and store name. It can be seen on the front left side of the dessert cabinet. It is very eye-catching and impressive. , We also use circle patterns to decorate the outer wall of the counter, which makes the atmosphere of the dessert cabinet more lovely and lively. LED light box advertisements can be seen around the dessert cabinet, which not only allows customers to choose their favorite desserts, but also satisfies the guests’ visual enjoyment to be clever and mysterious, which can better attract customers to the store. Therefore, in the design process, we use glass to establish good permeability of the space, and use glass with better lighting to make the exterior wall. First of all, customers can see the cakes and other sweet food in the store at a glance, which undoubtedly made an image advertisement. Secondly, the glass exterior wall is easy to clean and clean, so the customer's vision will be wider. This dessert counter shows the relaxed, lively, mysterious and sweet feeling and taste very well.
Thirdly: Wide space
The biggest feature of this dessert counter is that its space is wide enough. We specially designed a small compartment with doors, similar to a small room in a warehouse. It can be used for employees to rest or we can store some materials that need to be used in daily work. This small compartment is very convenient for our daily life. This may be a strong factor in attracting our customers to order this dessert counter. The small room can store the equipment and materials for making desserts.
Fouthly: The quality is solid and durable
Quality is always the first goal pursued by our factory, and we always insist on quality first. In the details, we use special materials. First of all, the pillars we use are solid steel columns, which are very solid and stable. . The sink is also made of stainless steel, so that it has corrosion resistance to desserts. The workbench is made of artificial marble. Solid wood, acrylic material, high density and toughness E1 MDF, hardware accessories, etc. We can definitely guarantee that this dessert counter can be used for 15 years or more without any problems.
If you like this dessert counter, like this design, just tell us your logo and shop name, and pay 30% deposit directly. We don’t need to charge an additional design fee of US$300. What we have done is in the original the design is directly replaced with your logo, shop name, light box, billboard, power system, so we will all fix the details for you, so that you can directly start business after receiving this dessert cabinet. Come on, act quickly to custom one to start your business
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Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 5*3 m
Materials MDF with baking paint , Solid wood, acrylic, hardware
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