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High-end Special Shape Crepe Display Kiosk For Sale

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Crepes are one of the most popular snacks, and they are relatively simple to make, so many people start their business by selling food. Starting a business in a mall is the first choice for many people. Because of the good location of the mall, it sells all kind of things. A crepe is not like a cell phone or a jewelry cabinet, it is food, and everyone can eat it, so its target customers is very broad.

The main thing I want to introduce today is the crepe kiosk used in the mall.


Kiosk Information


Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Imitation marble laminate

Logo/top/toe kick: Stainless steel

Glass: Tempered glass

Others: LED light, acrylic, sink, posters

crepe counterWe can see its shape is very special. It looks like bullet. There is a winding metal arc railing on the top, where we can hang logos or lights, etc.

display kioskThis kiosk is made up of two parts, the bar counter and seating area, and the top connects them as a whole. If we want to leave a better dinning experience for our customers, we can add seating areas.

snack kioskIts surface is pasted with imitation marble laminate, which looks vert realistic and beautiful. Its logo uses champagne gold 3D stainless steel luminous logo. There are the crepe model display areas on the kiosk both side. Inside the kiosk is a workbeanch, on which you can put all the machines we need, such as a pancake maker or a coffee maker.

display cabinetA beautiful and special kiosk can attract more customers for us, so we can customize a unique kiosk for our brand. We are a professional kiosk manufacturer, we support kiosk design and customization, if you have any requirements, you can share with us.

Kiosk Design fee: 300$

Design time: 2-3 working days

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood, laminate
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