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With the development of the times, we can find that many display cabinets have also changed. In the past, it might be more about the display of quantity, if we could see a cabinet filled with almost everything. Nowadays, people pay more attention to beauty, so they spend more time and energy when designing display cabinets. So when we come to a shoe shop or cosmetic shop, we can see many beautiful display counters. Today I want to show you is a modern display counter use in cosmetic shops or perfume shops.

Display Counter Information

Diameter: 1370mm

Height: 915mm

Material: MDF with baking paint

Frame: Mirror stainless steel

Others: Wheels

display counter

It is a round shape display, we can see the countertop has 3 layers, it looks like a fountain. We can put our main product on it. The underside of the cabinet is also a storage space where we can put some decorative items. In addition to the white cabinet, this cabinet also has a stainless steel frame. This is for decoration. Mirror stainless steel is widely used in many fashion stores.

In order to remove it easily, we install the wheels at the bottom. So this kind of counter can also use in exhibitions.

Production Photos

cosmetic counter

display stand

retail counter

The effect of mirror stainless steel is just like a mirror, it is very attractive and very high-end. And our surface treatment is gloss white paint, which is very similar to mirror stainless steel. The combination of the two is very beautiful.

This display counter is made according to our customer’s requirements and his shop style. So we choose white and stainless steel. If you also want to make a display counter for your shop, we can help you to customize it to match your shop style or your requirements.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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