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Luxury jewelry display case retail jewelry booth used in shopping center share with you

High-end new designed diamond display booth jewelry display showcase used in shopping center

still looking for a jewelry kiosk to start your business?here has a nice model share you: is very modern look,black match white color comes with a lot display showcase area

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Jewelry has always been a very, very passionate industry. We all know that jewelry and diamonds are not necessary for daily life, so why do we open so many new jewelry stores every year? The most important reason is that the value of jewelry is high, the profit is high, and there is a fixed demand every year.


Here i want to introduce you a nice diamond display booth design


This diamond kiosk size is 3m by 3m, you can see it used is simple black match white color, looks very nice and curved ceiling comes with many nice spot lights.Around the middle tall pillar all display showcase and shelves.from the showcase customers can see all jewelry displayed there.Stuff can supply customers from all four is simple but very functional.



Here area some detailed info for this diamond display booth

  • Size:3m by 3m
  • Material:MDF with black and white glossy paint finish,tempered glass
  • Surface:black and white glossy paint finish
    Color:black and white
  • Style:functional and modern
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Others:logos,menus,lights
  • Production time:22 work days

How To custom a diamond display booth from Ant Display.

  1. Negotiate with our designer and share with us your detailed requirements.
  2. Pay 300USD design fee which is refundable if you build the kiosk in our factory.Provide different views of 3D design and free kiosk revise service until you are satisfied with the effect.
  3. Make detailed construction drawing which includes all the materials, dimensions as well as electrical plans
  4. Get the drawing approved from mall , assist the necessary change to apply for the drawing approval.
  5. Pay a 50% deposit to start the manufacturing procedure of the kiosk.
  6. When kiosk finished before shipping you arrange the rest


if you like this diamond display booth and want to know more details,just feel free to inquiry us!






More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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