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No place to put a lot of files? Don't want to mess up your desktop? Don't forget the file cabinet. We all know those file cabinets are essential furniture for offices. A small file cabinet can keep your documents and items organized, and some very important documents can be locked, very safe. It can easily classify, store, and classify documents. Not only do you need file cabinets in your office, but you can also use file cabinets in your home, study, or library. Ant display is a manufacturer specializing in office furniture and file cabinets. We have wooden file cabinets, metal file cabinets, Lateral Filing Cabinets, Vertical filing cabinet, lockable file cabinets, and mobile file cabinets for your choice. You can choose the file cabinet that suits you according to your space and needs.

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In order to organize your office and workplace in the most efficient way, you will need functional file cabinets. Ant Display has a large quantity of a modern design file cabinet in various materials and styles. office file cabinet

Wooden file cabinets

Wooden filing cabinets are generally used in office desks and corporate leadership offices. They are also used to store books and important books and play a decorative role. The wooden filing cabinet adopts medium and high-density particleboard and fiberboard as the base material, and the surface is laid on the panel or painted. It is beautiful and elegant in the office. We can provide a variety of decorative panels and paint colors for your choice.

Metal file cabinets

Metal file cabinets are also called metal file cabinets, steel cabinets, and metal cabinets. The production materials are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates through a complete set of precise manufacturing processes such as shearing, folding, and bending. They are also mainly used to place documents, materials, and All kinds of archive items. Types of steel file cabinets: can be divided into dressing file cabinets, file cabinets, data cabinets, lockers. If you want to make your office very tidy, you can consider making a metal filing cabinet, which can help you organize your information and improve your work efficiency.

Vertical file cabinets

Vertical file cabinets are vertical, usually very narrow, and take up little space. It is usually very deep, so it is often used to place files that do not need to be used frequently. The vertical file cabinet can help you make the most of the corner space. So if your space is very small, you can choose a vertical file cabinet.

Lateral file cabinets

Compared with other file cabinets, lateral file cabinets have the advantage that they can place more files next to each other in a smaller space next to a wall or table. The materials commonly used in horizontal file cabinets are mainly wood and metal. If your furniture style is mostly wood grain color, you can choose wood to match the overall style of the office; if your office is a modern and simple style, you can choose metal horizontal file cabinets.

Locking cabinets

Some documents and materials need to be kept in a locking file cabinet because they need to be kept confidential. A locked file cabinet can ensure the safety of documents. Locked file cabinets can be divided into vertical cabinets and bedroom cabinets. The horizontal file cabinet is low in height and can be used as a temporary desktop with some other items on it. If you don’t want to bend down to find a file, it is very convenient to make a vertical file with a lock.

Rolling File Cabinets

Rolling file cabinets also called movable file cabinets. It has wheels at the bottom, as usually not big, it is more convenient than other style file cabinets. It can move at any time or place you want to move to.So rolling file cabinets will make your work becomes easier and faster.

Why choose a file cabinet?

Firstly, the practicality of the file cabinet

The first thing to consider when designing a file cabinet is practicality. Its practicality is mainly reflected in two aspects. It is used to place some files, archives or special confidential documents. At the same time, different types of files and items should be considered. It can be placed separately. So it is very good to have many doors and drawers of different sizes.

Second, beautiful and comfortable

According to the style requirements of the modern office, many consumers also value the external appearance of the product. The beautiful office furniture file cabinet will instantly improve the overall visual style of the office for the office, with a comfortable office environment, so that it can also improve employees' office efficiency.

Third, High-cost performance

The file cabinets with high-cost performance have been very popular with consumers and conform to the habits of mass consumption. So when choosing a file cabinet, you can choose the most affordable according to your own budget and needs.

Ant display is a company specialize in making customized mall furniture and different kinds of office furniture. We have a 5000 sq meters workshop that can supply different furniture. Our file cabinets from materials selection to assemble all have quality inspectors strictly check, so we can ensure to give you nice work.