container shop design

20ft double-deck container shop display | custom attractive outdoor container

Outdoor container restaurant shop design | custom inside furniture

Outdoor container restaurant shop design | custom inside furniture

Functional new designed 20ft container tea shop outdoor container restaurant for sale

  1. this container shop very suitable for outdoor use to start a food business
  2. it s very durable and safe
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Now that container restaurants are becoming more and more popular, many customers will choose to build a container to start the outdoor food business. Why choose a container? First of all, we all know that containers are very strong, can be recycled for a long time, and are used to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. It is waterproof and sunscreen, which is very suitable for outdoor use. And it can be closed at night and can be moved with a trailer. Secondly, its cost is much lower than opening a store.we already help many customers design and made customized restaurant container shops.


Here today i have a nice 20ft container tea shop design share with you:



This container shop size is 20ft, you can see it all elegant white color matched little black color. The front is a long sale counter to service customers and sell food.The back also has one counter to work and put machines.On top of ceiling have many spot lights.outside of counter and on top have illuminated logos.When night, can close the front sale area. You can see it is very convenient to use.the outside used is real shipping container, so you can see it really very durable.and it will cost much smaller than you open a bubble tea shop.


What questions may be you will have about this container restaurant? much this kind container shop will cost?what’s this container restaurant included?

A: this kind container shop will need about 14000USD for your ref. It include the container, inside work counters, illuminated logos, menu, tv, sinks, lights, electricity. Just machines not included. do you ship this container shop?

A:this container shop itself is a shipping container, so we will just put furniture inside it, then ship it as shipping container to assemble it?

A: the outside container no need assemble. Inside counter when production we will divide it into several sections, when you received just put them together,connect electricity then can use.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials metal with paint
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