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Fresh Fruit Kiosk Retail Food Stall For Shopping Mall

Fresh fruit mall kiosk customize with your logo and size.

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The vitamin C that fruit can hairdressing raises a face the vitamin C that fruit place contains and pectin can make a person beautiful and white, eliminate human body black spot and fleck, still have the effect that moistens skin, eliminate wrinkle to raise a face. Fruit can thin body reduce weight fruit basically belongs to the food of low protein, low fat, tall moisture, accord with reducing weight. A variety of minerals contained in fruit can detoxification fruit effectively have the effect of net blood hematopoiesis, can strengthen liver and kidney function, through excretion to expel the toxin inside the body, the vitamin A that its place contains conduce to aperient, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, regulate bowel function.

Here are the description of the fresh fruit mall kiosk:




White, golden


1 Set

Model No



8mm tempered glass


3D stainless steel lighted logo

Basic material

MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard )

Surface finishing

White color baking paint

Golden color stainless steel edges


Orange color led lights


Same lock with key, stainless steel toe tick, all the wires and sockets

Other includes

Air cooler


Foam inside and wooden box outside


How to start it if you want to start the fruit kiosk business? Here are some guides for you:

You need to find a location first, it can be a mall location or store. Then please let us know the size of your location. Our designer will make a new kiosk with your own logo and your location size.

The design we will charge 300USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost, so in fact, it is for free.

We will revise the design until get the approval from the shopping mall.


We are online and welcome to contact us if you want to make a fruit mall kiosk, thank you.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 5*3 m
Materials MDF & Baking paint
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