French fries display kiosk | shopping mall fast food kiosk with seat area

French fries display kiosk | shopping mall fast food kiosk with seat area

Fast food booth

Hot sale fast food booth solid wood food kiosk store design

Fast Food Kiosk with Unique 3d design & Mall Kiosk in Retail Store for Sale

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In this rapidly developing society, fast food is a very important choice for people. The fast-food varieties are relatively simple and the eating method is very convenient. Because you don’t need to do it yourself, you can eat anytime, anywhere, which is the best choice to fill your stomach quickly. This fast food is very popular among busy people in the city. Generally, fast food restaurants adapt cooking methods with extremely high color, fragrance, and taste, so that customers' appetite will greatly increase. For example, frying and high-concentration ingredients are treatment methods for foods that stimulate appetite, so as to be attractive.

Custom Food Kiosk in Mall

The customer from the UK, and has his own food shop. The shop is more popular in London. He specialized in selling fast food. He intended to open a fast-food kiosk in the mall. His aim is really clear, and send all his information to build the kiosk. Firstly, we need to design the kiosk according to his requirements, we arrange a suitable place for his requirements. The style of the whole kiosk we use the sticker to make the kiosk more elegant and attractive. The aim of the customer is to make people see the effect more clearly. And know their idea about the brand.

We have done more craft about the kiosk. The main material of the kiosk we will use the MDF, the surface we use the baking paint. It will be bright. For the back of the kiosk, we add the led top, it makes the kiosk more bright and attractive.

More Details

Material, MDF

Size: 4X3M

Surface, baking paint

Color, red 

Style, Modern design

Hardware, stainless steel handle

Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Production Process

Wooden Cabinet

The main material of this cabinet is MDF, so we started to make a wooden cabinet according to the construction drawing. Construction drawings are marked with specific dimensions and shapes. The carpenter will make it exactly according to the drawing.


After the wooden cabinet is finished, we need to polish and polish. We know that the surface of the wooden cabinet is uneven. If you want the back to be more beautiful and smooth. The whole wooden cabinet needs to be polished repeatedly to make its surface smooth and uniform and has a certain adsorption force. After grinding, we will apply a white primer on the surface of the wooden cabinet.

Baking Finished

After applying 5 coats of white primer to the cabinet, start preparing to paint the cabinet. You also need to choose the color. Before color matching, please choose the color you want on the Pantone color card. The color of baking paint generally has two color effects, one is bright, the other is matte. You can choose the color according to your preference. After finishing the color, let the cabinet in the high-temperature baking, standing.


After finished the baking paint, we can start to stick to the poster. And install the socket. You can tell me which country you located in, then we will install the relevant socket and adjust the voltage.

There Are Some Question from Customer

When Can We Receive it?

If you want to design a new kiosk, the design time will be considered. The design time generally takes 3-5 working days. At the same time, we should also consider the shopping mall audit time, which generally takes 2-5 working days

If you want to order the same item, you only need to consider production time and shipping time.

The production time is 23-25 working days.

Transportation time depends on which country you are in and which port is close to you.

For example, if you are in New York, the shipping time will take about 32 days.

How to Design a New One?

You can tell me what size you need, and all of your requirements. We have a professional design team, can design a new one based on your requirements. We will display all of your requirements on the 3d design. Then you can see the effect clearly. If you have any modification, we also can help you modify it.

How to Pack it?

In order to facilitate transportation, we will divide the whole kiosk into several parts. The package includes the outside package and interior package. For the interior package, we will use the EPE foam to pack the corner and edge of each wooden cabinet part. Then we will use the film to fix the EPE foam. For the outside package, we will use a wooden box made from MDF. It's really strong and protects the showcase.

More Information
Color red
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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