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Fashion Practical Fruit Kiosk For Shopping Mall Fast Food Booth Fresh Food Indoor Counter

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Fruits are our favorite foods in our life, which are rich in various vitamins and can also enhance our resistance. And both the old and the children like it. If you start with this as your business, this new kiosk will make you a good choice.


Product Details

detailsFront Counter

In fact, this is a very convenient kiosk. Unlike ordinary stalls, it has both a work area and an area for customers to rest and wait for food. The front part of its main workbench near the customer can display a variety of fresh fruits for customers to choose from. It can also perform simple processing for customers. Make various snacks such as juice, fruit salad, fruit platter, and so on.

Metal Grill

We designed a metal grill for the front desk. It not only allows customers to observe the whole process of food preparation at close range but also has the effect of isolation and shelter.

Work Countertop

Under the work countertop, we designed many storage cabinets for you to store the kinds of items you want to put.



The metal bracket above the front desk is mainly used for hanging lights so that customers can see every detail of the fruit. On the side is the seating area designed for customers. After ordering and checking out, they can sit on the side to rest for a while.

sit area

Material Introduction

As when you see the first sight of this kiosk, you may think it was made of a metal frame structure. Actually, it will make of stone and MDF. The metal frame structure is the outside frame. And work countertop is using artificial stone, it looks high-end and can be used for a long time.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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