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High-end Nail Polish Display Stand & Nail Polish Kiosk for Sale

Fashion Nail Polish Display Rack Wall Nail Beauty Shop Display Shelf

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Nowadays, there are many nail beauty shops in the mall to meet the market needs, because the girls and women like to make the nail beautiful. When opening the nail beauty shop, the interior decoration is necessary and the nail polishes need to be displayed and organized on the display rack or counters for you to work conveniently.

Description of the nails polish display rack

This is one group display rack. The whole display rack has 5 layers to hold and show the nail polishes, and each layer has one bar to avoid the nail polish fall down. The delicate point of the display rack is the top decoration. The middle one is a heart shape with two symmetrical patterns. Other two racks is with symmetrical decoration on the middle rack beside.

Different combination

If you want more display racks for the nail polishes and make the style more beautiful, we can make more display racks as the combination. Look at this one group, it is white and it has added more racks at the beside. Two racks are for showing the green plants, which make the shop more vivifying. Two short racks with two layers is at two ends.


1.Multi-area storage space

Open multi-layer storage spaces, you can put nail polish freely , which is full artistic atmosphere.

2.Exquisite workmanship

The display rack is not afraid of magnification, polished and smooth everywhere, beautiful and classy, which is a symbol of your taste.

3.Reinforcement design

Display rack gives you enough load bearing, no amount of nail polish is not afraid of crushing.

4.Anti-drop design

It is safe and reliable. You can buy it with confidence and use it with confidence.


The size can be customized.


  1. We select high quality iron material, which is strong and durable, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  2. It is a beautiful streamlined shape, beautiful and generous.
  3. Polished smooth, safe, no knock.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Iron
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