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Fashion Nail Beauty Shop Wall Mounted Nail Polish Display Cabinet

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For the girls and women, they love to make the nail beauty with the nail polish. Nowadays, there are many nail beauty shops competing. So the interior design of the nail beauty shop is the most important factor to attract the customers to come in and try the service. When the nail beauty skills and interior environment are good, they will choose your shop all the time. I show you the nail polish display cabinet design in the shop.

Description of the nail polish display cabinet

It is a part of the interior design with the nail polish display cabinet. This is one group nail polish wall mounted display cabinet. Two high cabinets are on the beside, and one long and short cabinet is in the middle between them. They are white and on the pink wall, it is a good color combination here. Then the artificial design is goat head decoration to make the shop much lively.

The high display cabinets has different sizes layers to display the all kinds nail polishes. There are total 8 layers of each high cabinet. One layer at the bottom can display the small green plants. It is good displaying. Their top side is like a shape of wave with the pattern and the spotlights are at the top to shine the nail polish.

About the long cabinet, it is designed into 5 parts with 2 types, and two big cabinets are between the small cabinets. The inside part can be designed into other types too. The small type has 3 display layers, and the big type has 4 layers. Their top is with the spotlight too. So many different colors and types of the nail polish for customers to choose. Then some small pictures and green plants decoration can be displayed on the cabinet too.


The size can be customized.


The material of the wall mounted nail polish display cabinets is MDF, and the artwork is the baking paint. The accessory is the spotlight.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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