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Fantastic Shopping Mall Bubble Tea Kiosk Retail Milk Tea Counter Juice Booth

Unique Style, High Quality

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Now is the summer time, bubble tea is the very popular, especially for the girls. My friends like to drink the several cups bubble tea in a week, because there are many tastes for customers to taste. So there are many bubble tea shops and kiosks in the market.

Description of the bubble tea kiosk

The bubble tea kiosk size is 10*10ft and color is gray with purple decoration, which is like the color of the taro. At the front side, there is a frame with round and square shape boards to display the light box with different bubble tea pictures. One glass display showcases to show the beverages, which looks very nice and beautiful. At the inside part, there is one cash register on the right. One sink and machines are on another side counter. And one side is for the refrigerator. The cabinets of the kiosk can storage the bubble tea materials. The baffle is on the kiosk to protect the machines and cash register. The led lights are around the kiosk to make it much attractive. The customers will buy the bubble tea when they pass by.

The material of the bubble tea kiosk is plywood and the surface can be waterproof, which is good for the bubble tea business.


Please talk with us about the size you want and style you like, and the equipment you need to put on the kiosk. Our designer will make a new style according to your any requirements. The design can be modified when you have advance on it. Anti Display will try best to meet your needs and provide a perfect design and produce the high quality kiosk to you.Please don’t hesitate to talk with us soon and let us help you with the questions you have.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood
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