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Famous Coffee Indoor Kiosk Classical Retro Coffee Display Booth Solid Wood Coffee Beverage Counter For Sale

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Coffee is a common beverage in our life. People like to buy a cup of coffee at work to refresh themselves. Then we can see kinds of coffee shops around both streets. While sometimes it’s difficult for you to find a suitable place to open your shop. Now a coffee kiosk like the I introduced one will meet your needs.



Details About The Classical Retro Coffee Display Booth

The first time you see this coffee kiosk, you will be attracted by its retro texture. You couldn’t help but approached and ordered a cup of coffee to savor slowly.

This kiosk uses a darker gray and black as a whole, which perfectly echoes the color of the coffee brand logo. Although it is a kiosk with a roof and a back wall similar to outdoor, it cannot be used outdoors because it is not completely enclosed. If you like this style, we can also design an outdoor kiosk for you.


It may seem that its size is small from the picture, but there is actually enough space for you to place the coffee machine and other equipment you need. We also designed the other outer pillar to be an area where you can display your products in 3D mode as well as where you sell products.


Except for the back wall, the surroundings are all open-style designs, which are convenient for customers to place orders. In addition, we also designed a small swing door for you to facilitate the entry and exit of you and the clerk.

Material Introduction

The basic material of this kiosk is plywood, and the surface is mainly decorated with solid wood strips. So it looks very high-end when it finished. And the whole effect is better when it collocates with LED strips and LED spotlights.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Plywood
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