Hot Sell Chinese Style Coffee Kiosk

Hot Sell Chinese Style Coffee Kiosk Indoor Wooden Coffee Kiosk For Shopping Mall Coffee Display Cabinet With Tables And Chairs

Famous Coffee Indoor Kiosk Best Selling Wooden Shopping Mall Beverage Booth For Sale

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Coffee is our common drink, more and more people love it, and we can see many shops selling coffee on the street. If you want to open a coffee shop, this will take you a certain amount of time to find a suitable location and shop. But if you just have a kiosk, it will save you a lot of time.



Product Details

I think you will like this coffee kiosk at first sight just like me. It is different from the previous styles, it has no roof and back wall, just a simple counter. Not only looks very concise but also very practical and can help you save some cost.


The layout of this kiosk is very simple. It includes the water sink system area, checkout area, and products working area. The open design makes it easy for customers to pick up their meals and closer the relationship between customers and you. We also designed a transparent glass baffle for you to prevent coffee from splashing on customers during the production process. And in order to make your collocation more harmonious, we designed the floor for you, so that the waterproof performance is better. What attracts me most is the decoration around it. You can display your posters and logos as shown in the pictures so that customers can deepen their impression of you.

Main material

Our kiosk is mainly made of MDF, and the front decoration is also made of this material. Because MDF is often used in the shop decoration industry because of its flexibility. It has a solid surface and can be used for a long time. It is easy to process into different shapes and has high stability.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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