factory wholesale crepe pizza kiosk mall snack counter for introduction

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Product name: Crepe Pizza kiosk
Product size 4*3m
Product color: white
Design period: about 3 days on average
Production cycle: 15-25 working days
Delivery method: general sea shipping way (air freight if requested by customers)
Receiving time: 40-60 working days
Delivery method: EXW,, CIF, DAT, DAP
Whether to customize: Yes, our company design it based on the floor plan  
and style orientation provided by the customer, the two parties communicate,
 refine the drawing production and installation.
Customization process: 1). 300 US dollars design fee.   
                                      2). Drawing 3D design drawings.
                                      3). structure drawing design, arrange production, charge                                              30% deposit, 
                                     4). After production is completed, take pictures, shoot vide                                        to confirm to buyers, and charge 70% of the balance. 
                                      5). Arrange delivery.
Material used; MDF/polyester/artificial stone/wood veneer with lacquer finish.
                       metal/stainless steel/hardware accessories
                       temperes glass/acrylic logo/lcd light box
 application: making pancakes, waffles, pizza
Use place: shopping malls, shops, shopping centers
design concept:
The main color of this crepe kiosk is white, the design is simple and practical, and some lively elements are added, such as animated walls and white tiled decorative walls. The lines are both beautiful and practical. The special chandeliers on the top of the counter  provide lighting but also  adds personality. It is in line with the modern style of shopping mall food kiosk, giving people a free and unrestrained feeling.
Logo: The kiosk of the logo conforms to the literal meaning and is close to the crepe kiosk theme. It uses crepe pattern and some English words to make it easier to understand.
Basic materials: The materials used for the production of wooden kiosk include: MDF, plywood, etc. Many friends think that there are only a few major types of materials, and the price is actually no matter whether it is: MDF or plywood, it is also divided into quality and price . Take MDF as an example. MDF is made by pressing all kinds of wood. A good MDF is meticulous and relatively expensive.
kiosk craftsmanship: part of the quality of the kiosk depends on the quality of the paint, and also depends on the smoothness of the paint surface, whether there are nail holes, whether there is a color difference, the thickness of the paint also has an impact on the production cost of the showcase, the paint surface The artificial material is relatively small,
Hardware accessories: The choice of hardware accessories will also affect the cost of making the kiosk. The accessories are cheap or expensive. As a customer, if you want to be easy to use and have a long service life, you should choose expensive hardware accessories. Many customers have no requirements for the quality of hardware accessories. As everyone knows, hardware accessories play a decisive role in the later use of kiosk. No matter how good the paint is, no matter how good the materials are used, and the hardware accessories are not used well, then this kiosk is not practical. , And bring great after-sales problems to the customer's later use process.
More Information
Color white
Dimension 10*12ft
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF/polyester/artificial stone/wood veneer with lacquer finish
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