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5x3m Nail Bar Station & Nail Polish Showcase with Factory Design for Sale

factory customize nail kiosk design manicure furniture for sale

it is a very nice looking and durable nail kiosk
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Beauty is the career of a women whole life.Usually a women pay attention to their face,hair.
But they always forget to make their hands look more delicate.It is said that hand is the second face of a woman.
A women take care for their hands and beautiful nails will add a lot of style to this "second face",
forming a beautiful landscape. So many women like nail salon,
Manicure has become a new trend, The styles are more diverse and dazzling.
Manicure has undoubtedly affected modern urban women.


Nail salon is improtant to women

why the nail salon is so important to women ? Manicure has become is a way of life for love of fashion. Girls who love manicure pay more attention to the quality of life and know how to show their unique personality. All of our lives, work, study and communication are inseparable from our hands. Having a pair of clean, tidy, beautiful, elegant and decent hands can bring you unlimited confidence. Nails are the most attractive part of the hand.
Sexy bright red slender nails are easy to form a good impression to men.
Neat and beautiful nails will give people a trustworthy and very good impression. Slim fingers, although not as important as a beautiful face,
but are another hidden criterion for evaluating people. What's more,When you go to a nail station to do nail salon, you can not only harvest beautiful nails, but also enjoy a thoughtful, detailed and comprehensive nail service. Gain infinite beauty while enjoying a relaxing time.


some details of this nail kiosk

1.size:3m by 2m on photo or customize as your size

2.color:white&blue color

3.materials used:MDF with white paint finish

4 Including,illuminated logos,led signs,chairs can also included tempered glass

6.hardware:stainless steel handle

If you have rent a place and want to start the nail salon business, please don't hesitate to contact us. We surely to make a satisfactory nail kiosk for you.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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