makeup display stand

Cosmetic Display Stand Makeup Display Shelving with Light Strip for Sale

Makeup display stand

Black baking paint makeup display stand storage cabinet

Exquisite Beauty Cosmetic Wall Display Stand Cosmetic Nail Display Booth New Design For Exhibition

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When visiting shopping malls, we often see some display counters like tables. However, once you need to hold a certain kind of event, launch a new product or participate in an exhibition, ordinary display cabinets may not meet your needs.



Product Details

At the first sight of this wall display stand, you will be attracted by its design. It is designed very simple. Products displaying wall cabinet, a small reception desk.

The big wall stand at the back is mainly composed of two parts. One side is the poster display area, and the other is the product showing area. We will use the poster you provided to put it up, so you need to provide us with your best poster. In addition to this, the poster area can also be used to store goods, and we made it into a locker. Products can be stored inside, and the surface can be used as a poster display area.


On the other side of the back wall, we make it like the display Slatwall. There are many small acrylic partitions on it, for you to show your various beauty products. You can see at the bottom are some cubicle storage cabinets, which not only allow you to place various items but also serve as small benches for customers to sit.


About the front of the reception desk, we can custom it according to your needs for you. It has a USB charging station built on for all your necessary devices.

Introduction Of The Material

Generally speaking, we often use MDF or plywood material to make this display stands. It is very durable and has good load-bearing performance. We can also provide you with any materials you need.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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