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European white paint shoes shop middle table height display platform in the island shelf spot

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For a clothing shop, clothing rack is a very common display furniture. But just using single style furniture can’t make your shop look more unique among the lots of clothing shops. You are supposed to use different display furniture, such as display cabinet, table and so on. They can greatly increase the sense of lay. In this post, I would like to introduce you to the display table.


Brand: Anti-display,

Material: MDF with baking paint,fake stone

Color: gray and red


Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: Modern,creative

Production time: 22-25 workdays

Payment: T/T, Western Union


The whole style features modern design and they can go well with the shop design well. You could use it to display your clothing and merchandise. This one consists of two display stands. They have different heights and match each other well, very practical and well decorative.

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The high display table has six desperate racks. You could place your folded clothing here. The racks are fastigiate and your customers could check the details of your merchandise directly as they are far away from the display table. On the top of the table, you are supposed to place your decorative to catch more attention.

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The short display table is 1200mm*580mm*570mm, you could arrange and show your clothing reasonably in three lines, which can make the countertop clean.

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And there are four exquisite drawers equipped with a European style handle, which has a good appearance and allows you to replenish stock quickly.

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The bottom uses stable table legs. It is the simplistic European style. This simply curved design has an excellent bearing performance.

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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