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Durable Indoor Fast Food Kiosk Customized Fried Chicken Kiosk

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In general speaking, most big brand business is developing from a small kiosk with many profits, because the small kiosk is flexible to do any business and it can be moved, the most important is that it won’t spend your too much cost. The kiosk design depends on what business you will do, then we can create the style to meet the needs.

Description of the fast food kiosk

This is one 10*10ft fast food kiosk to sell the hamburger, fried chicken, French fries, Coke and so on. The food kiosk has a condole top to install the lamps and menu for the kiosk. The kiosk also has the back wall to hold some cabinets or equipment. The checkstand is made of the marble, which is high-end. Its right side has one door for staff to come in and out. There is still the poster to promote the food to people.

Its inside layout is simple but takes good advantages of the space. There are 3 equipment put near the back wall for working, they are the sink, fried tool and refrigerator or other equipment, when you have the equipment list with the pictures and sizes, we can make it suitable layout for you.

About the front counters, one side is as the countertop to cut the food and prepare the ingredients. The wall board can hang different knife tools. Its bottom space is put the refrigerator. Another side is the checkstand with the cash register. Its beside is one equipment to roast the chicken which is shown o people. When customers order the food here, they see and smell the chicken, they will want to buy together. Its bottom space can be for you to put some storage.

Our team

Our team is professional and has many years experience on helping you design and produce the kiosk or other furniture. No matter what stage of the order, we are here to help you all the time. We regard customers as important very well.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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