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Display stand is very normal in our life. You can see the display stand in the cosmetic shop, supermarket, retail store, and so on. The display stands can use to be sold for wine, cigarettes, cosmetics and etc.  

Next, I will introduce the display stand that can sell the cigarette and wine.


This display cabinet is composed of three parts: lightbox, display area, and storage area.

The top of the display cabinet is a lightbox, you can put your own poster for display. Then there is the display area, you can choose the number of layers according to your needs.

The bottom of the display stand is a cabinet for storing products.

The different stands will have different structures for the display stand. You can choose one that suits your needs.


There are many sizes to choose from, you can choose one that suits your shop size and your budget. Different sizes and different structures will have different prices.


The main material is MDF. And the surface of the display stand is veneer. Then we will do the varnish as the final steps.


We can customize the color for you, you can choose the color that suits you. The introduction has three colors to choose from if you have other things want to add. We also can help you do it.


The outermost varnish can be used as a protective layer to make the display cabinet more waterproof, moisture-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Veneer's wood grain is very displayed, delicate, and can make customers feel better.

The display stand we have done more than 15 years and will make the whole display stand more unique and professional. We can combine all of your needs to produce the display stands like the size, color, and structures.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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