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To sell candy in the mall, the display method must be considered carefully. Of course, there are many ways to display candy. You can use a variety of candy boxes and acrylic tubes, or this Kiosk we designed to change the flat display candy, thereby increasing the type of candy.

Sweet Sugar Booth Indoor.Unlike the common Kiosk, we designed all your acrylic boxes inside the glass layer, and 5 acrylic boxes can be placed at a separate counter, then 10 can be placed at the same time, a total of 3 layers. Greatly increase your number of candies. The glass layer can not only block the dust but also be very convenient for customers to observe and select candy.

Sweet Sugar Booth IndoorMost customers who like candy are children or young women, in order to increase the fun of Kiosk. We borrowed some Stall designs from the playground and added the ceiling design to the top of the Counter inside the Kiosk to make it look more festive atmosphere. It also decorated the surface of the counter with your brand poster, which is very similar to the cash register.

Sweet Sugar Booth Indoor

In addition, some of the Kiosk's designs are very attractive, but the color matching itself is also very different. The faint pink and dark blue combination, under the decoration of various LED lights, LED light boxes, and advertising machines, I believe your Candy Kiosk must be very dazzling in the mall!

Sweet Sugar Booth Indoor

Materials and craft

Building such a Wonderful Sweet Kiosk, you will definitely use high-density MDF material as a substrate. After making Wood Body, after 5 manual polishing, the paint is colorful, and finally, it will be consistent with the design of the design. Pink and blue.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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