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Cute Bubble Tea Kiosk Wood Boba Bar Counter Retail Bubble Drink Booth

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Bubble tea continues to be very popular, and more and more people want to start the business of bubble tea. One of the key steps to selling bubble tea is to build proper kiosks and bars, especially the various equipment inside the milk tea counter, which requires a reasonable layout to make good use of the space. Let's take a look at the interior decoration, hoping to give you some reference.

Wood Boba Bar Counter

A variety of equipment will be used to make milk tea, such as large freezers, water bar tables, small mixers, shaker machines, fructose machines, etc., and similar machines will be used up if the space is not properly arranged, the limited kiosk space will be used up, and your milk tea making table will have no extra space to use. So before you start your project, you can use 3D design to lay it out in advance, arrange it as you want, and see the real effect before production and avoid mistakes.

Wood Boba Bar Counter

Generally speaking, the work table milk tea will be designed on the back of the kiosk, just like the design of our present one. The front counter has the function of the cashier, and the work area and cashier are separated so that your kiosk looks very clean and tidy. The blank space will also need some decoration, usually install your logo and a variety of product posters, to help you promote the brand, on the front and back of the counter, will also be added to the bottom of the table or at the bottom of the LED light belt.

Wood Boba Bar Counter


In addition to the decoration layout of the Kiosk, it is necessary to mention the material. The table generally uses stone production, the work area will also use 304 stainless steel production, both safe and durable. In the light wood grain color, we use fire-proof board material, which is close to nature and beauty. With the front half of the white counter, the whole level is improved.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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