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Fresh Juice Fruit Kiosk & Juice Bar Counter with Customized Design in Retail Store for Sale

Mango Kiosk Design | Customized Juice Kiosk & Mango Bar Counter For Sale

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Juice is very good for human body. Because some people do not like to eat fruit, they will choose to squeeze the fruit into juice. At this time, the taste is more intense than it has been said. Juice actually has many benefits for us. First, it can prevent cell aging and promote cell growth. So as to achieve the effect of preventing aging. Second, cleansing the stomach can promote gastrointestinal absorption and digestion. Juice may be able to decompose the excreta in the human body and excrete it from the body. The most important thing is very convenient.

Mango Kiosk Design | Customized Juice Kiosk 

Today I am introducing you to a juice kiosk. This juice cabinet is mainly dark green and black. A glass splash plate is added to the countertop, which can conveniently prevent the juice from splashing, and the customer will not directly touch the counter. We added a round wooden board on the back of the juice kiosk to display the logo. There are three LOGO displays throughout the juice booth. Our light box is also customized, if you have a specific picture, you can send it to me. If you want to order a juice kiosk, you can contact us.


Size 2x3m Material plywood
Surface laminate Color dark green and black
Style Modern design Glass 8mm clear tempered glass
Hardware stainless steel handle Others luminous logo, light box, lock

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The Process of Ordering the Juice Food Kiosk

  • 1.You need to contact us to discuss your specific requirements about the juice kiosk( the size, style, the color,layout...)
  • 2. We have a professional design team, and will make you satisfy the kiosk design(300 USD design deposit. But when you confirm the order, it will be refunded to your deposit)
  • 3.We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  • 4.50% as a production deposit you need to pay.
  • 5.We start to produce the kiosk after we receive the deposit.
  • 6.Quality inspection.
  • 7.When wefinish and install the kiosk in our factory, you need arrange the 50% balance.
  • 8.Pack it
  • 9.Arrange shipping for you.


  • Design time: the first design will take 3-5working days. 
  • The production time: it will take 22-25working days.
  • The shipping time: it depends on the airport and port. You can tell us which airport or port is near to you.
More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 3*2m
Materials plywood
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