frozen yogurt kiosk

New finished eye-catching frozen yogurt kiosk ice cream booth used in American shopping mal

Blue style yogurt kiosk | free 3d design mall  gelato stand

Blue style yogurt kiosk | free 3d design mall gelato stand

Customized Frozen Yogurt Kiosk in Retail Store | Ice Cream Display Counter for Sale

Customized Unique Kiosk for 15 years

Including all the drawers and cabinets, sink, logo, wires, lamp belt and sockets, same lock with key

free design for the mall kiosk

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Hello everyone, i will introduce the frozen yogurt kiosk to you. We all know that the yogurt is really delicious. We now have many office workers who are facing the computer for a long time. And the radiation of the computer is also quite large. At this time, the advantage of yogurt is also reflected, that is, radiation protection. For office workers who sit in front of the computer and stop moving after lunch, and are always covered in electromagnetic radiation, drinking a cup of yogurt during lunch time can relieve tension and work pressure. It will also make you full of energy throughout the afternoon, which is more conducive to improving work efficiency. By the way, remind that drinking yogurt should be a small amount of times, not only better, but also avoid gastrointestinal discomfort caused by excessive consumption.

Customized Frozen Yogurt Kiosk In Retail Store

The Yogurt we use the green as main color. Because the color is really light. Its easy to get the attention from the customers. The layout of the whole yogurt kiosk is really clear. The back of the kiosk we put the self-service machine. And the kitchen counter have a enough space to the employer to control, and we add the sitting area in the kiosk. Then you can enjoy the yogurt freely.


Ant Display provide the customized service, and customize the yogurt kiosk according your size and needs. The design will charge 300USD. When you confirm the order, the design fee will be deducted to your deposit. The design include the 3D render, revise 3D design, construction drawings. When you meet the design, and confirm it. Then we will produce it according the design.


Firstly, arrange the 50% deposit for the production,then we will arrange the order to the factory and prepare the material. During the production time, we will take the specific videos and photos in time for you. Before we ship it,please arrange the 50% balance.


We will use the foam and wooden box for packing the yogurt kiosk. It can protect the kiosk from the damage. We can help you buy the insurance from the shipping company. If the kiosk is damaged during the shipping, we also can help you ask for the compensation from the shipping company.


The design time: 3-5 working days

The production time: 38-40 working days

The shipping time: based on the port which is near to you, and which mode of the transportation you want.


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Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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