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Hello, everyone. Weren’t you happy when you found our website? Because there is a lot of really beautiful candy store furniture. They can all be in the same store. We can choose the furniture according to the type we like. The furniture I want to introduce today can be used as the decoration of our shop or the top is decorated with some lollipops. And the bottom is a laminate, on which we can put our candy. Its colors are varied and the display in the store is very good.

Candy shop display furniture

Diameter: 100cm

Height: 280cm

Basic material: MDF, fiberglass

Surface finish: Baking paint

Production time: About 15 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

This candy shop furniture is made in three parts, the bottom, the top, and the middle column. Taking into account the top load-bearing and installation and disassembly, the lollipop shape above is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which will be lighter.


Medium-density fiberboard is the base material of our furniture. We need to make the wooden body according to the size and shape of the picture and construction drawings. The wooden material is relatively hard, and the curved cabinet takes a long time and effort to make. 

When finish the wooden body, we need to polish the furniture. And then make the color.

Baking paint

Our furniture surface finish is baking paint. We can choose the color we like and spray it on the furniture. After the color is uniform, it needs to be baked at a high temperature and then allowed to stand for a while.


When the furniture is completed, we will install it to see the effect. If the furniture has a power supply, we will also connect it to the power supply. So we know how effective it is. If there is no problem after sending it to the customer for confirmation, we will start packing and arranging transportation.


When packing, we will unpack them separately. Our packaging method is to wrap the corners of the cabinet with pearl cotton and then wrap several layers of stretch film on the cabinet. The packing box is made of wood with foam board inside, so it is very safe.


We ship the goods by sea. The transportation time is about 25-35 days. When the goods at your port, they will inform you in advance. You need to clear customs and pick up the goods within the given time. We will send you a commercial invoice and bill of the load to help you pick up the goods. Our shipping fee is no include the tax. You need to pay tax by yourself.


How is the shipping cost calculated?

The freight to the port and the door is different. General freight depends on the distance and the weight and volume of the goods. If you want to know the freight to the door, you can send us your detailed address. It needs one day to check.

Is it difficult to install?

Our install is easy. If you don’t understand, we can send you a video when we install it.

How much tax do I have to pay?

The amount of tax depends on your customs and the total value of the goods. When the goods arrive at the port, the customs will give you a list with detailed charge details. If you want to reduce the commercial invoice amount. You can contact us.

Can I change the furniture size or color?

Yes, we are a custom company. All of our products are designed and customized according to our customer’s requirements. If you want to change the size or color, please contact us. Our price is based on furniture size, material, and style.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT Wire Transfer and Western Union.

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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint
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