coffee bar kiosk

High-end coffee bar kiosk cake display booth used in Au mall

coffee kiosk

Coffee Kiosk with Unique Design & Bubble Tea Bar Counter for Retail Kiosk in Shopping Mall

Creative new designed Nestle mall coffee bar coffee retail booth for sale

looking for some different coffee kiosk design idea?here has a unique coffee bar share you!read more to get more details!

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We all know Coffee is one of the most widespread beverages in human society. Especially Westerners like to drink coffee, many people are curious why Westerners like to drink coffee. First of all, we all know that coffee can help refresh and keep you awake; secondly coffee can help digestion, which is good for your health.


Here today I want to share you a new designed Nestle mall coffee bar:


This coffee bar it 4m by 2.5m.Different as many coffee kiosks use coffee color, it used dark purple color match white,which looks very comes with a back wall and ceiling,there have menus,logos and advertising on back wall.Front counter is display area and sell area.Right corner comes with a glass stand with coffee display inside.


Here area some detailed info for this mall coffee bar

  • Size:4m by 2.5m
  • Material:MDF with white paint and purple paint finish,white man made stone countertop
  • Surface:white and purple paint finish
  • Color:white and purple
  • Style:fancy and and creative
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Others:tv menus,acrylic logos
  • Production time:20-22 work days


You may have belowing questions:

  1. do you accept customize?
    A:yes, we accept. we have professional design team, can help design the kiosk as your needs. So we will need know your size, want what color,how many nail  stations,we will follow your needs to design the kiosk for you see effect.
  2. how to assemble the coffee bar kiosk?
    A:assemble is very easy in fact. before loading we will finish all assemble, we will go wires, lights, electricity, logo, signs will all fixed. Just considering shipping, we couldn’t ship it just a whole piece, so will need divideit several sections, and number them. when you received just follow number put them in right position, and join wires. then can use.

if you like this coffee kiosk and want to get more details,just feel free to inquiry us!

More Information
Color purple
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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