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Creative Floating Clouds Chandeliers Cloud Hanging Lights Fancy Cloud Lights

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 fancy Cloud LightsLighting decoration is a very important part of many interesting store designs. If you want your store to look different, it will be very inconsistent if you put a lot of effort into the design and decoration and forget about the lighting. Today, this cloud light is a very interesting match.

 fancy Cloud LightsThe shape of the cloud is very suitable for use in a variety of distinctive stores, such as milk tea shops, coffee bars, candy shops, amusement parks, toy doll shops, etc. It can well echo the unique layout design of the store. . You may worry that the temperature of the inner bulb will be too high, which will cause the cloud lamp to spontaneously ignite, but the exterior of the lamp body is made of fire-resistant PVC material. The imitation silk lamp body makes the cloud look more realistic, and the interior is filled with imported space cotton. The natural absorbent cotton material is white as snow, light and environmentally friendly. Also very durable.

 fancy Cloud LightsWarm light and white light are available for your choice. In addition to being able to be made into a cloud shape, there are more styles for you to choose from, such as flying fish, somersault clouds, etc., which are more in line with your needs. You can tell us the size you need according to the needs of your store, and we can also customize the size for you.

 fancy Cloud LightsIn addition, daily cleaning is also very convenient, just use a feather duster to gently wipe, and the dust is easily cleaned up.

 fancy Cloud Lights

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials PVC
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