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To start your coffee business, you can choose a variety of popular coffee kiosks, or you can choose to open a small shop and decorate the internal counter so that you can operate more quickly and conveniently. How to choose the right coffee counter bar? This bar can give you some ideas.

coffee shopThis is a small coffee shop design, the interior decoration is relatively simple but also very fashionable, occupying more of your decoration space is the coffee bar on the right, the left is more seating area, and simply placing two tables and chairs is enough. For the right side of the stage, the design style also refers to the shop within the overall decoration, you can see the surface using cement grey wavy plate used by the shop door frame, the casing outside the wood grain color and the store interior wall also USES the same, so if you are hard to start stage of planning design, can start from your store, to complete part of the store design, may have a new idea.

coffee shopCan also from the layout of the coffee bar, generally, if you sell pure handmade coffee, you can also sell some bread cake, so a tie-in sale will not only improve your profit but also can meet the needs of customers more, so you will need to show the bread hot reveals ark or display freezer, the counter can also put the coffee machine, grinding machine and other equipment, Also equipped with a pool. If you want customers to deepen the image of your brand, you will add the logo in the blank area of the counter. If there are other Spaces, it can be designed as cabinets to display other snacks, so that you have a clear need for the bar, and when you tell a professional commercial furniture maker what you want, they will understand your idea and create a unique design for you.

coffee barThe rest of the store can be used for decoration, or to display product posters, etc., and when you have a preliminary design, everything will become clear.

coffee counter

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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