Bubble tea/ice cream shop beautiful bar counter for sale

Bubble tea/ice cream shop beautiful bar counter for sale

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Hot sale simple bubble tea shop bar counter design

Coffee & bubble tea shop inside cash counter/bar counter for sale

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We all know that almost every coffee shop or milk tea shop has a working bar. We can order and pick up meals here, and the staff can also receive customers and prepare some packing work here. The style of the bar is consistent with the style of the shop. It has many shapes, materials, and colors. We can design our bar counter according to the style of our shop or our logo. The bar counter shown in the picture above is used in a coffee shop. Its main colors are wood and white. The combination of this color is very beautiful and natural.

If you are interested in this bar counter, you can place an order directly and send us your logo. We will help you put the logo on the bar.

Coffee shop bar counter details

Size: 2600x550x1000mm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Logo: Acrylic light logo

Production time: About 15 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

From the above design drawing, we can clearly see its structure and image. Including the distribution of colors. We have our own factory. After you place an order, we will submit the drawing of this bar to our factory. Our workers will start making this bar. All our products are handmade and customized, and the quality will be strictly controlled.


The base material of our counter is plywood, which is one of the very commonly used materials for food furniture. The surface process is iron laminate or solid wood. There are many choices of wood color and pattern. If you want to change the wood color, please contact us. We will send you some wooden options for you to choose from. We can install sockets in the cabinet. If you need to drill holes on the countertop, you can also tell us.


When the production is completed, we will arrange the shipment. Our packaging is wooden box packaging. We will first package the cabinet, put some foam corners around the corners, and wrap the entire cabinet with stretch film. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board, which can protect our cabinets well.


We can transport the bar counter to any place. We can ship to your port or your specific address. During the transportation, we will send you an invoice and bill of lading. You can use this information to clear customs and pick up the goods. Our transportation is the cost of our port and the transportation cost. Does not include the cost of the destination port. When the goods arrive at your port, there will be a port of destination fee, which is collected by your customs. We do not know the details of the charges. There is no unloading service for the goods arriving at the door. When the goods arrive at the designated address, you need to unload the goods yourself.

Ant Display

If you have a new store, we can also help you design an entire store and provide all the furniture and displays inside. We have our own professional designers, they will design it according to your shop floor plan and your requirements. After the design is completed, we can clearly see the details and price of each project. The style of the bar counter is also the same as that of other furniture, which looks very coordinated. In short, no matter what you need, you can find it here. Looking forward to your consultation.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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