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Clothing Display Cabinet & Wall Display Stand Custom Service for Sale

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Clothing Display Cabinet & Wall Display Stand Custom Service for Sale


A clothing store is a place that specializes in providing all kinds of clothes for the public. It is an important part of the important life of society and plays an important role in facilitating the lives of the people and the people.

And that’s why so many people will open the clothing store because the most customer wants to match their clothing. Good matching is more important in our life. A good match will make the clothing becoming more colorful.

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Clothing Display Stand

Next, I will introduce the clothing display cabinet to you. A function display cabinet can display more goods like t-shirt, bags, shoes, hats, and so on.

The clothing display cabinet has some small grids which can divide some items to make the wall cabinet more useful. The middle of the wall cabinet has a huge grid that can display things with big volume. We can use the space with rational utilized and can obtain a good feeling from customers.

Material: the main material of the wall cabinet is MDF, and the surface we use is the veneer. If you want to use plywood as the main material, the surface we will use laminate.

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Production Process

We need to make the wooden cabinet firstly. Next, we need to stick the veneer. Then spray the varnish.

Custom Service

We are a direct manufacturer and can customize the display stand according to your requirements like the size, color, layout, and material. You can tell us all of your needs.

If you open a new store, it is okay, we can do a 3d design for you. You can send us the layout of the store. We have a professional design team, and the designer will design the shop for you. Then you can see the whole effect like the layout of the display stands, ceiling, floor, wall, and the facade. After you are satisfied, we will start to produce.

production process

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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