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jewelry display showcase

Glass Showcase for Jewelry Display Counter & Veneer Display Stand & Display Showcase in Store

Classical Black Jewelry Display Counter Transparent Baking Paint Glass Watch Commercial Furniture

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We found that most jewelry store counters mat use solid wood or plywood. The counter made of practical MDF and baking paint is also very good-looking and will be very suitable for the overall decoration of your luxurious products shop.


Details Of The Black Jewelry Display Counter

The design theme of our jewelry display counter is exquisite and practical. First, you will notice its classical black paint appearance. It can successfully attract your customers' full eye attention. Then your customers will be curious about what it is used. In order to echo the luxurious jewelry you displayed, we also designed a golden ring line at the middle part where the corner of the counter is connected to the countertop, which lets the whole effect looks better.


Besides this, we designed double sliding doors for this jewelry counter and added delicate handles on each sliding door to facilitate you to take out the jewelry products selected by customers. And we made a glass anti-scratch treatment around the glass display countertop to avoid affecting the appearance of the display counter. The special feature of this one is the storage and showing space is bigger, which allows you to show more jewelry products.

You can also purchase multiple single counters to form a combination for better results.



It is mainly made of MDF and the surface is baking paint process. It is durable same as the plywood. The others include the tempered glass and some stem-shaped LED lights inside.

Customization Service

You know we are a design and manufacture kiosk and commercial furniture factory, can according to your needs to provide customization service for you. You just need to tell us about your requirements.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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