Maternal & Child Store Cash Register Combination Display

Maternal & Child Store Cash Register Combination Display

Candy Store Reception Desk | Beautiful Style for Shop Front Counter

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For a store, besides the display cabinet, the most important thing is the cashier. The size of the cash register can be determined according to your ideas or the size of the store. We recently made a very beautiful candy shop, which is going to Belgium. Its cash register is a glyph with a crossbar as decoration. This cash register is against the wall, and some decorations or small display racks can also be installed on the wall.

Our logo can be placed directly in front of the reception desk, and our candies or other snacks can be placed on the shelf next to it. In addition to the cash register on the counter, other snacks can also be placed.

The height of the back cabinet is relatively low, and it can be used for storage. We can put the inventory or tools in the store inside. The color of the front desk can be freely chosen.

front counter

Candy Shop Reception Desk Details

Size: 360x198x180cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic logo

Light: LED light

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Hardware

Front Counter Production

We have our own factory, and all the furniture is made by hand. We will draw construction drawings based on the design drawings. You need to choose the color of the furniture yourself. We will send you a color card. After confirming the color, we will start production. For candy shop furniture, we generally choose a bright surface treatment, which looks shinier. Due to the relatively large size of this front desk, we will divide the production into several cabinets. After the production is completed, we will put them together and test the circuit, and take pictures or videos to the customer for confirmation. We will start packing when there are no problems.

The picture below is a real picture of this front desk, it is very beautiful.

display desk

Our furniture is customized, any size is fine. So if you want to customize your own cash register. You can tell us your request. After the goods are completed, we can ship them to your country.

Shipping costs and production time are all dependent on the final design. We need to know the final volume of the goods and their style. The production time of the front desk above is about 25 working days.

More Information
Color purple
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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