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Retail candy shop inside furniture | candy boxes display cabinet for sale

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When it comes to candy shops, candy boxes are definitely indispensable. We need to buy some furniture to display our candy box. If you have a small number of bulk candies, we can choose to make one or two small cabinets to hold our candy boxes and candy dispensers. The picture above is the design drawing of our cabinet. Our client is from Serbia and she has a new candy store to open, so she ordered a lot of display furniture from us. This candy cabinet is one of them. 

Candy shop candy box display shelf

Size: 90x40x240cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Light: Led light strip

Candy box: Acrylic

Cabinet price: 555 USD

Candy dispenser price: 115 USD (13L)

Candy box price: 48 USD (27X30X30cm)

Production time: About 15 working days(It depends on the furniture quantity)

Our location: Shenzhen, China

There is a light strip installed on the top of the cabinet, a row of candy dispensers, and two layers of candy boxes are displayed. Its size is not big, it is a back cabinet against the wall. The length of the candy dispenser is 70cm, and the size of the candy box is 27x30x30cm.

candy shop cabinet

How do I install a candy dispenser?

When we buy candy dispensers there are accessories. Because we are hanging on the cabinet, we need to install this pendant on the cabinet now. Punch holes in the cabinet first, and then fix the pendant on the cabinet. Just hang up the box. We will help you install the candy dispenser. When you receive the goods, you can choose to take them off and clean them, put the candy in the dispenser, and then hang it on the cabinet. very simple.

Is the candy box fixed on the shelf?

  1. Our candy boxes are just placed on the shelf, they can be moved. The laminate is also detachable. We will deliver a spoon for each candy box.

How can I make the light strip glow?

Generally, our customers buy more than 3 sets. If you only buy one, we will install a transformer at the bottom of the cabinet. After you receive the goods, connect the wires at the bottom of the cabinet to the storefront. If you buy more than three, since they are put together, we will only install one transformer. You need to connect the wires between them, and then connect the last remaining wires to the shop.


We pack the cabinet as a whole. Both the candy dispenser and the candy box are placed on the cabinet. We use pearl cotton to wrap the corners of the cabinet. The surface of the cabinet is made of stretch film, they can protect our cabinet well. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board, so our cabinet is very safe in terms of packaging. When you receive the goods, you can use it directly.

candy stand packaging


Our mode of transportation is sea transportation. The transportation time is generally longer, which takes 25-35 days. It will take a few days to clear customs. Transportation generally depends on your port or door address and the weight and volume of the cargo. Our freight does not include tax. The amount of tax depends on your customs and the total value of the goods. They will charge you directly. When the goods arrive at the port, they will call you in advance. We need to pick up the goods as soon as possible, there will be a storage fee after the pick-up time. If it is ship to door, we can help you with the customs clearance and arrange the delivery to your door. But our service doesn’t include the unload. You need to hire a forklift to unload the goods.

Ant display furniture

We are a custom company, all of our products can be customized. If you have your favorite furniture on our website, you can place an order directly. If you want to customize the size or shape, you need to contact us and tell us your requirements. We will according to your idea to make a design first. When confirming the design and price, we can start production. If you need to design your whole shop. We also have this service. Our designer team has more than 10 years of experience. They can according to the shop floor plan to design a beautiful shop for us. When confirming the design, we will also send you the price list.

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Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint
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