Wood Venner Candy Display Stands /Racks /Counters /Gondola Display In Various Style For Candy Store & Supermaket

Wood Venner Candy Display Stands /Racks /Counters /Gondola Display In Various Style For Candy Store & Supermaket

Candy Shop Display RackS | Slope Display 4-Layers RackS With Acrylic Candy Bins & Candy Tube

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Hello everyone, the cabinet I am going to introduce today can be used in both candy stores and shopping malls. It is an independent cabinet dedicated to displaying sweets. We can see from the design drawing that it is a trapezoidal display cabinet with a decorative cylinder at the top and a large drawer at the bottom. Products can be displayed or stored on both sides. This cabinet can hold a total of 20 candy boxes. If you display a cylinder on the top, you can also display candy boxes. Let's look at the details first.

Candy shop & mall display cabinet

Size: 100x60x140cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Light: LED light strip

Kick foot: Stainless steel

Candy box: Acrylic box

Production time: About 10 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

This cabinet is designed according to the requirements of our customers from Kuwait. It has LED light strips on each layer, and our candies can be seen more clearly by customers. Its base material is medium density fiberboard, and the surface treatment is baking varnish. The color of the paint is freely selectable, that is, the color of the cabinet. In general, we use bright paint for the candy cabinet, so the cabinet will look more beautiful. 

candy cabinet

How to install the cabinet wire?

Due to the different voltages in different countries, we will install the transformer at the bottom of the cabinet after we make the cabinet. When you receive the goods, you will see a wire that you can connect to your power supply that connects to your store or mall.

How do I change the size and color?

Please contact us if you need to customize anything. Our price depends on size, material, and shape. If you need to change the size, the price may change.

Does it take 10 working days to make a cabinet?

If you only buy one product, the production time is about 10 working days. If you buy in bulk or you have a large quantity and variety of furniture. Our production time is about 15-28 working days. The production time will be faster if you buy in bulk.

How can I get the goods?

We are an export company. When we finish the production of the cabinet. We will arrange transportation. We ship the goods by sea. When the goods arrive at the port. Someone will inform you to pick up the goods in advance. We will send you the documents needed for customs clearance and delivery.

How much is the fright?

Freight rates vary from country to country. Our shipping fee depends on the distance as well as the weight and volume of the goods. The freight to the door will be more expensive because we will need to have it delivered locally. If you want to know the freight, you can send to us your nearest port or your specific address.

Do I have to pay for anything other than the freight and the product?

All imported goods are subject to duty, and our freight charge does not include this charge. We don’t know the exact amount. Because this charge is charged by the customs. It generally depends on the total value of the goods and your customs.

Candy Shop Display Furniture

We are a professional customization company and we have been in this industry for more than 10 years. We have made countless candy shop furniture for many customers, and many of them have won their praise. We support customized products, our products are not fixed, we are looking for attractive and creative ideas and designs. If you have some good ideas, you can tell us. Our designer will help us present this idea in 3D. looking forward to your cooperation.

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Color pink
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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