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Candy Kiosk Candy Display Stand Mall Kiosk in the Mall for Sale

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Candy Kiosk Candy Display Stand Mall Kiosk in the Mall for Sale


The candy market has always existed. Selling candies will never go out of fashion, because the audience of candies is very wide, from children to the elderly, they all like candies. Some special populations, such as people with low blood sugar, need to keep candy at all times in case they need it from time to time. So if you are in a candy business, you can open a candy store or candy kiosk to start your business.

If you do have not enough capital, we suggest that you can start with the candy kiosk. Next, I will introduce the candy kiosk to you.


Description of the Candy Kiosk

The candy kiosk has a top that can play the role of decoration. The surface of the top has baking paint and the sticker which is your favorite picture. The shape of the candy kiosk is L shape, you can sell the lollipop on the front of the display stand. The bottom of the side counter has wheels which can play a decoration role. The candy kiosk is mainly used to sell lollipops.





Logo, We also can add the logo on the candy kiosk. There are many types of logos you can choose from. Like stainless steel logo, acrylic logo, sticker logo, and so on.


Production Process

The production process has several steps to produce. We will produce the wooden board firstly, and assemble these into the wooden cabinet. The next step is to polish the wooden cabinet to make it more smooth. The third step is to do the baking paint. The final step is to install the candy kiosk.


We use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of each cabinet. Then fixed with film, which is the inner package. We use the wooden cabinet to build the outer package which is made of MDF.

production process


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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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