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The counter in the bubble tea store can be called the most important part of the store,  which seriously affects the layout of the store and determines whether the production is fast. Of course,  according to our previous experience, a bubble tea shop would not only sell milk tea but also various snacks. Today's special introduction to the milk tea shop counters to let you have an in-depth understanding of it.

Bubble Tea Counter

The size and style of this milk tea counter designed by us are very common. Many milk tea shops will also use these similar sizes. The key lies in the difference between the structure and shape of the counter and the collocation. In general, we will design and layout the counter according to your needs and ideas before designing it. For example, the counter in the design drawing, after several times of observations, you can find that the overall color of the counter is very consistent with the logo and the poster. We borrowed the color of your logo as the main color of decoration, which is also in line with the design concept, no more than a variety of colors for decoration.

Bubble Tea Counter

In milk tea shops, the fully equipped bar is designed behind the counter, so that the front counter can display other food and products. This design also maintains the same idea. On the top of bubble tea water counter bar, some light boxes are designed in the space, so that customers can see the products intuitively.

Bubble Tea Counter

The space on the far left of the store is very private, and if the design counter is not used well, it can't show customers the products, so we designed it into a large poster display area, which can be used as a photo area for customers.

Bubble Tea Counter

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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