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Custom-made jewelry display cabinets are important to display items to create the environment of jewelry stores, jewelry studios or jewelry clubs. A good layout design can sufficiently improve the overall appearance of the jewelry store, reflecting the momentum of the jewelry store and attracting more customers come to watch. And ultimately promote the sales performance of the jewelry store.


In modern times, whether it is a commercial space or a shopping mall, its shopping environment is constantly developing. And the level of the commercial display industry has also improved. The display space of various commodities has changed, and the innovative and contemporary commercial display space is presented to consumers. In front of people, shopping is no longer just shopping, it will bring people a whole new way of life.

The layout of the jewelry display showcase

The combination of jewelry display cabinets should be reasonably combined according to the location restrictions of the jewelry store. Large markets or specialty stores are generally semi-circular or circular. The whole island cabinet or the peninsula cabinet. The combination of jewelry display cabinets is different, and the effect of the entire store will be different. Therefore, the combination of jewelry display cabinets is also very important for a store.


The craft of the jewelry display cabinet

Jewelry display cabinets are also the most high-end display cabinets in all display cabinets at present. Its manufacturing process is not as simple as that of ordinary display cabinets. It includes material selection, welding, polishing, painting, electroplating, laser, installation and other technical aspects. Craftsmanship. Its production is a high-standard work. It must meet various needs in the market and meet various standards at the same time. The workmanship must be exquisite.


The design of the jewelry display cabinet

In addition to the quality of the jewelry showcase, the design of the jewelry display cabinet is also important. Regardless of the style and material, the overall appearance must be coordinated.

Therefore, when designing and making showcases, showcase designers should do their best to dig out the appearance features of the showcases and create showcases with beautiful appearance and high-quality.

For this design of the jewelry display cabinet, it is combined with 3 display showcases. We can make it with MDF with black color baking paint. Or metal frame with black painting.


The size of the jewelry display showcase

The size of the middle one jewelry display showcase is about 1200 x 400 x 1200 mm. And the size of the jewelry cabinet on the two sides is smaller. The size is about 800 x 400 x 1000 mm. These are the size for your reference.

The size can be customized as any size you want because we are a customized factory.  


Customize jewelry shop design

If your jewelry shop is big, then you may need a few display showcases. We can customize a whole 3d shop design for your jewelry shop. Please send us if you have the floor plan of the jewelry store.

The quantity of the jewelry display showcase depends on your jewelry shop size. We can arrange the layout for the jewelry shop and it needs something else like the cashier counter, display shelf and so on.

So that is why usually for a jewelry shop, we need to make the customize 3d design shop first. This way can for us to see the whole effect of the jewelry shop. And we can arrange the quantity of the jewelry display showcase you want.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF with baking paint
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