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Beautiful design for mall VR kiosk | attractive VR stand

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Have you ever played VR? I've played it a few times, and it feels real. It has many themes to choose from. Like a roller coaster or a Christmas scene, as if we were Santa Claus, sitting on a moose car. The price of VR is medium, and we can all afford it. Almost every mall has a VR station, if we want to play, we can go to the mall directly. We all know that to set up a VR kiosk in a mall, you must have a VR device and a cashier or whatever you need.

Creative design for mall VR kiosk

The VR kiosk I showed above is very simple. The front is a cashier counter and a glass showcase. We can put our products here. We designed some decorations around the machine, such as the grid backboard. We have two floors stand split-screen machines behind the backboard to display all our items so that the client can make a choice. This VR kiosk is made of MDF and baking paint, the glass showcase top with LED light. We also can put our logo on the cabinet. Do you want to design your VR kiosk? If you have space in the mall, you can contact us.

We are a custom company, we have made a lot of mall kiosks. Our customers are from all over the world, we can transport the kiosks wherever you want. We will help you install the accessories in the kiosk. We will help you install the accessories in the kiosk. When you receive the goods, you only need to put together the separate cabinets. Then connect the mall power supply, it can work. When you want to make a kiosk, we can first make a design and then hand it to the mall, after passing the review, we can start production.

Design: The design fee is 300USD when we place an order, it will be returned to you. After confirming the payment, the design time is about 2-3 working days.

Production time: About 28 working days.

Transportation time: It depends on your country.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Cathy     sales04@myidea-kiosks.com

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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