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Beach Outdoor Special Kiosk Plants Unique Outdoor Snack Booth For Sale

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Beaches and good food are all part of a holiday, but it is often difficult to find a shop on the beach to buy the right snacks and food. If there is a kiosk here, it would be very popular. To realize your idea, we have designed this new outdoor kiosk and added many elements related to the holiday.

Beach Outdoor Special KioskWhen you see the outdoor pavilion, at first sight, you will be deeply attracted by it. The whole top is surrounded by green plants for embellishment, there are green plants like seaweed, as well as brown long-leaf plants, the corner is installed with a semicircular logo, and green plants are embedded in the top structure, so the remaining space we also installed LED light belt, you can see from the effect drawing, plus the lighting effect after more perfect.

Beach Outdoor Special KioskThe cabinet section of the Kiosk is also very attractive. The exterior of the cabinet looks like the surface material is made by using a single stick together, and the table is made of solid wood of the same color. Also, the LED light belt is installed at the bottom to provide a sufficient light source for the cabinet. The surfaces of the four large pillars are also ornamented with a rich leaf pattern, echoing the posters on the back wall. In the column and counter surface, there are many round or square light boxes designed around the stall, so that your stall will be particularly dazzling in any direction.

Beach Outdoor Special KioskHowever, the interior layout of a kiosk is very simple. As it is an outdoor kiosk, you will certainly need a lot of equipment in the process of making food. We have placed them in different areas to separate the ordering, cashier and food making, so as to maximize the use of each space and speed up the delivery of food.

Beach Outdoor Special Kiosk

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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