Outdoor Beverage Beach Kiosk Creative Fresh Juice Smoothie Beach Booth

Outdoor Beverage Beach Kiosk Creative Fresh Juice Smoothie Beach Booth

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Beach Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Wooden Outside Food Kiosk Design

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During leisure holidays, people like to go to the beach to play. If you open a coffee and drink shop here, it will be very popular. How to choose the right kiosk, how to design the interior, and which materials are suitable, please read on to bring you some new ideas.

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Product Details

This outdoor pavilion chooses a natural log style. Although the external structure looks similar to that used indoors, we have made many detailed adjustments to meet the outdoor use. For example, for the top structure, we have heightened the surrounding structure so that it can install your logo and have space to install tarpaulins. After installing tarpaulins around, part of the area can be extended outward, and the bottom is the dining area. Tarpaulins can shade customers from the sun and rain. When you don't need them, they can be automatically stored by electric devices without occupying space, which is very convenient. After the top is heightened, there is extra space inside to let us design a lot of cabinets for storage, and you can also have a certain space to store various ingredients.

outdoor kiosk The spacious kiosk size allows enough space inside to put all kinds of equipment you need. Besides the counter structure, it can also put refrigerated glass display cabinets to display all kinds of desserts to meet the needs of customers. From the design drawings, we can also see that, unlike the materials used in the past counters, we all use the same log wind color system inside or outside the kiosk or counter countertop, so as to achieve unity inside and outside and a more consistent overall design.

outdoor kioskMaterials And Process

When making this outdoor coffee kiosk, first of all, we will use thickened metal pipes to make the whole frame, so that it can be placed on the beach more stably. After being treated with waterproof and moisture-proof materials, the surface materials will be processed. When you go out of business, the tables and chairs around you can also be stored and removed, and the kiosk will be completely closed at night to ensure safety.

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF and baking paint,stainless steel, stickers and so on
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