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Painted furniture is painted on the furniture, and all the favorite colors, styles, and patterns are subtly painted on the furniture to make it look different. According to records, the earliest painted furniture appeared in France in the 14th century. It seems to be a simple description, but the craftsmen make the painting suddenly richer through special craftsmanship and skilled skills. Every piece of painted furniture is like delicate work of art, which does not burden the eyes and looks lifelike. It not only retains the delicate beauty of painted painting but also has the practicability of furniture, so painted furniture is the best interpretation of the collection of practicality and beauty. What I’m going to introduce today is the retro-painted style interior table cabinet. 

Display Table Details

Color: Painted Crave

Style: America/European style

Size: 141x40x95cm / 55.5x15.7x37.4in

        121x40x95cm / 47.6x15.7x37.4in

Main material: Frame, Southeast Asia rubber wood, Finnish pine drawers

Auxiliary material: CARB P2 Grade panel, quality embossed hardware

Surface craft: Valspar paint

Package: Assembled shipment

Weight: 110KG

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What is cracked paint?

Crack paint is a paint coating that can decorate crack-like patterns, which can make cracks appear on the surface of walls or appliances to destroy the aesthetics, but because of this special crack can present a natural and three-dimensional effect, which is rich and distinctive. Different artistic charm, so it has been favored by the majority of users and has now become a commonly used high-end decorative paint. After spraying crack paint, the surface of the object can quickly produce beautiful cracks. The crack texture is uniform and varied and has a realistic and unique artistic charm. It is regarded as a combination of classical art and modern decoration.


Craved paint cabinet details

Southeast Asia rubber wood

The wooden structure is uniform, easy to color, and has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Density: 600-700kg/m3, 12% moisture content to prevent cracking

solid wood

Environmentally friendly water-based paint

Selected from the United States Valspar environmental protection paint, is free of toxic components such as triphenyl, formaldehyde, and heavy metals, and the safety reaches food grade.

safe paint

Large solid wood countertop

drawer cabinet

Large storage space

display table

Hand-painted art

display table

Solid wood carved cabinet legs

high-end table

Size parameters

retail table

Material analysis

painted cabinet

4 colors Options

display table

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials 121X40X95CM
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