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Hair Kiosk with Professional Design Team Salon Kiosk for Barber Kiosk Retail Store

5m by 3m hair salon kiosk hair cutting studio with styling stations used in Australia mall

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Basically everyone needs to do hair, women need to do various hairstyles, perm and dye hair, men need to cut hair.Because everyone has a need for hairdressing,So you can see more and more hair shops are opening.Do you also want to open a hair salon business?if you are new started, you can start to do a hair salon kiosk firstly.


Here today I want to share you a nice and functional hair salon kiosk:


This kiosk is 5m by 3m, you can see it is very fresh and nice. It used is nice sky blue color match white. It comes with 3 hair beauty stations,one sink with water system, one cash counter and one sofa for customers to the left and right side of this kiosk also have two small windows with glass shelves, you can display some hair products here.


More info for this hair salon kiosk

  • Size:5m by 3m
  • Material:MDF with white and blue glossy paint finish
  • Surface:white and blue glossy paint finish
  • Style:elegant and functional
  • Accessories:illuminated logos,beauty lights
  • Production time:20-22 work days

What’s the order progress?

Many customers who are new started a business will feel confused about the order i want to give some suggestions.

  1. you need tell us your needs, like what products you will sell, you will use in mall or outdoor, do you have style you like, your size and needs etc.
  2. Then our design team can help create a 3D design for your kiosk as your needs, then you can see effect. For our cooperation, before design we need your side arrange a 300USD design fee, when do the kiosk, it will deduct from order for you
  3. After design confirmed and approved then we can start the production, for production we will need you arrange 50% deposit, then after production finished before shipping you can arrange the rest balance.

Why you need do a design to start firstly?

Have many customers don’t want do design after know the design fee. Why a design is necessary? Firstly we do customize, we can show your needs and ideas through design, then you can see how your kiosk will looks like as your needs;second is mall as usually will also ask to submit professional design plan for approval. This way mean we have to make a design. We have professional design team are making design everyday, so can help you create the design as style you want.








More Information
Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 5*3 m
Materials mdf with blue and white paint
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