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High End Jewelry Kiosk & Earring Cabinet with Glass Showcase in the Mall for Sale

Jewelry display showcase

Jewelry Shopping Mall Kiosk Idea Glass Display Showcase Design

10x10ft double-deck jewelry display showcase 3d design

HIgh-end mall jewelry kiosk

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Jewelry is a very popular industry. In shopping malls, our most common kiosk is the jewelry kiosk. Their appearance is very beautiful. We all know that jewelry is displayed in the glass. The combination of glass and light can make jewelry look more beautiful. Today I want to introduce a double-layer jewelry kiosk.

Double-deck jewelry display showcase

The size of this jewelry kiosk is 10x10ft, it is made of MDF, tempered glass, and baking paint. As can be seen from the design picture, it uses double-glazed glass, the display space will be much larger. Basically the entire kiosk is a glass display, we will install a light strip on top of each display cabinet, there will be drawers that can store our products. On the back of the cabinet are some lightbox paintings, we can show pictures of our products. A cash register in the middle, the cash register will be installed with sockets and main switch, all voltage sockets will use your country's standards. We will make and package this kiosk separately. When you receive the goods, you can place the opened cabinet according to the position of the design drawing, and then connect the plug between them and connect the total power supply of the mall. It can work normally.

Do you want to make the jewelry kiosk like this type? If you have space in the mall, you can tell me what size is your location, we can according to your requirement and the space size to design the kiosk for you. You can send it to your mall for approval. When get approval, we can start production. Then ship to your country.

Our design time is 2-3 working days when we confirming the design deposit. The design deposit is 300usd, we will provide the kiosk 3d design and the detailed drawings. When we place an order, the design deposit will be returned to you. The production time is 22-28 working days. The transportation time and price depends on your nearest port or your address. Our payment term is 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.

If you have any questions, you can contact us for more details.


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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Tempered glass, Baking paint
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