nail polish display stand

Wood Nail Polish Display Stand & Cosmetic Display Counter Nail Polish Display Counter in Retail Store

nail polish display stand

Veneer nail polish display counter & nail polish display stand cosmetic display counter in retail store

Wholesales Nail Polish Display Rack Customized Nail Polish Metal Floor Stand Display Shelves

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Nail polish is a common beauty product in daily life. Especially in summer, girls will paint their favorite colors on their fingers or toes. And nail polish not only has many colors, but also many kinds. Then you will need a display rack to help you show it.

nail polish stand


Product Details

Although the nail polish display rack introduced today looks very simple in design, it is very practical. The main outer frame made of metal has very good load-bearing performance, allowing you to display hundreds of bottles of nail polish products at the same time.

polish display design

We have also cleverly used the area around the outer frame. You can put your most attractive poster here, which not only saves space but also deepens the customer’s impression of your products.

nail polish display stand

The product display area uses a metal grille grid, and each middle is also designed with a divided area according to the size of the nail polish product. Allows you to place more products in an orderly manner. There is also a certain arc for the placement of the metal grid, which makes it more convenient for customers to choose.

beauty products display rack

Main Material


This nail polish display rack is mainly made of metal, we use thickened sheet metal, which is sturdy and durable. The square shape of the base makes it very stable and will not shake randomly.

Our Procedure


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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