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Tower display case for optical shop design tower display stand for sales

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Glass tower display cases are suitable for presenting valuable and fragile items of merchandise, awards, artifacts, jewelry and accessories as they provide a high degree of security combined with visual clarity. The tall tower display configuration has a large height to base ratio that maximizes display capacity yet makes relatively small demands on floor space.


As we can see from the pictures, this is a freestanding, double sided case shown here in a walnut laminate finish with brushed silver (anodized aluminum) frame. The display features built-in halogen lights with the option for additional micro halogen spotlights. A central dividing partition creates two display compartments for independently displaying merchandise and artifacts on either side. A base storage compartment with locking drawers provides added convenience for back stock etc.

tower display case

Detail information

Dimensions: length 30" * wide 30" * Height 76"

Material: laminate, tempered glass

Others: Four LED top lights

Locking hinged doors (security lock)

Electrical cord with switch

Base storage with two locking drawers

Packing and shipment

  • Step 1  : Clean

  • Step 2 :EPE form + bubble film

  • Step 3 :Corner Guard

  • Step 4 : Whole Polyfoam Protection

  • Step 5 : Wooden Box
  • Step 6:Complete Packaging
More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials laminate
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