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Baking Display Cabinet Bakery Furniture Design

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Grain Shelf Supermarket Rice Showcase Cereal Solid Wood Display

Supermarket Snack Shelf Bulk Candy Dry Goods Display Stand Solid Wood Texture Cabinet

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For supermarkets, shelves are essential. Things in supermarkets are very complicated, so when we choose display cabinets, we will choose some cabinets with large capacity that can be combined with other displays. The display cabinets I want to introduce today are mainly used in supermarkets or some retail stores. It can be used with other display cases.

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From the picture we can see that it is displayed on all sides. This is combination of three or four display cabinets. It not only saves space, but also makes its content look richer.


Using high-density board, multi-layer solid wood board, very durable and environmentally friendly

solid wood

Various styles to choose from


display stands

The main and co-pilot connections share a column

The main frame contains 2 uprights, and the sub-frame only has one

display cabinets

Product Details Advantage

  1. Laminte design. Solid wood multi-layer board, high-grade and beautiful wood grain, good overall effect.
  2. Storage cabinet. Double door cabinet can hold more inventory.
  3. Foot design. The feet can be adjusted to deal with uneven fround and effectively avoid ground scratches.
  4. Column design. The double-row hole design of the column makes the installation faster and easier.
  5. Palace grid design. The large capacity grid design can display more kinds of things. Such as candy, dried fruit, snacks, etc.

cabinet details

Detail Shows

sipermarket cabinetdisplay cabinets Product portfolio display, can be freely matched

display cabinets

We also support store-wide furniture design. If you don’t want the regular styles, we can also design some new ones to match your business and shop area.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials plywood, laminate
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